Fan Art

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"♥Nikki at School♥" by Jailene, Wisconsin
"Nikki goes to a party! " by Kylie, Kentucky
"Nikki the Popstar " by Kylie, Kentucky
"Nikki" by Sasha, Rhode Island
"Nikki Maxwell: Best Dork Ever!" by Lily, New Hampshire
"Mackenzie Holister" by Celine Hong, Canada
"nikki got nerve" by layla, Florida
"My dork diaries card i made" by Olivia, Pennsylvania
"nikki anime :))" by val palmer bieber , Arizona
"nikki in my way. rainboW" by Victoria Lee, Korea
"Me and Nikki!!" by June, Washington
"niki`s valentine" by samantha, Massachusetts
"ROCKSTAR NIKKI" by Maria, Illinois
"Nikki Maxwell " by Josee, Ontario
"nikki in anime form " by syah, North Carolina
"brandon and nikki forever" by leela, New York
"Nikki long hair" by danielle, Texas
"Me" by Rachel, Louisiana
"Nikki and friends" by Danica, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
"Nikki" by krystal, Florida
"Nikki" by Rachel, Louisiana
"nikki" by solyana, Virginia
"Nikki" by Rachel, Louisiana
"Nikki Maxwell is a Dork!" by Kat, California
"nikki not so talented pop star" by kaliyah, Maryland
"Mackenzies evil plan!" by milah, North Carolina
"nikki and who she doesnt like" by Rachel, New York
"nikki maxwell the great!!" by mary ann joice, New York
"nikki and mackenzie" by ariana, Utah
"dorky love" by rhiannon sobr, Florida
"Dorks will be dorks!! :D" by constanze, Florida
"Rachel and Nikki" by Nakylah, Illinois
"niki....get ready!" by suriyah, New York
"Book Cover" by Hannah, Oregon
"cute nikki :)" by Rhea_mae, philippines
"happy valintimes day niki." by Samantha, Massachusetts
"Chloe after showring at school" by Kareena, Michigan
" Group Hug" by Ethel, Markham
"dork diaries" by hannah, Texas
"The best art in the world!! :)" by Anna , New Jersey
"Dork Diaries Book 1" by Sophia Honor, Canada
"she believes itll" by Ciara, Illinois
"Nikki truns down a date!!" by Victoria O., Texas
"Nikki Singing Her Dork Song" by Ruth, Ontario
"Dork vs CCP" by Isabelle, Florida
"My Dork Diaries 1" by Vanessa, New York
"Princess Nikki" by Molly, uk england
"Future Nikki in Dubai! ;)" by Jameela, Dubai,U.A.E
"Dork Diaries Characters" by Charlotte, Sabah
"Nikki is cooler Mackenzie" by Mikayla, philippines
"nikki the not so popular girl" by claire , Texas
"makenzie hosliter " by josette, Texas
"Niki" by Samantha, Massachusetts
"Nikki" by Avery, North Carolina
"At mall not cute teen shop =)" by Adilene, California
"Rachel is a SPECIAL Girl ^__^" by Thuy Nguyen, North Carolina
"Nikki is the best with Brandon" by Ashley, Massachusetts
"Nikki" by Cristina, Michigan
"chloe in the future!!" by Tabitha, united kingdom
"Peace~!" by Pamela :3, Philippines to New York
"Makenzies Morning Dream" by Morgan, Florida
"Youre making me blush - stop!" by Keely , District Of Columbia
"Inside nikki, inside mackenzie" by SABRINA HAMMER, London ( uk)
"mackenzie" by andee, Arizona
"Chloe and Zoey " by Jasmine, Florida
"Nikki " by Abigail, Oklahoma
"Nikkie!" by Mahi, Manitoba
"nikkie!!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿" by Mahi, Manitoba
"Brandon" by Thinzar, Texas
"Nikki is awesome" by Brysia , Minnesota
"its my lucky day" by mia, Washington
"the CCP Nikki" by Rebecca, Texas
"MY Dork Diaries (Book 5) :D!!!" by Sydnie, Missouri
"Deep Secrets" by Sarah, Connecticut
"Mackenzie the mean old elf" by Victoria Lee, South Korea
"Nikkis Lucky Pen" by Ashleigh, Alabama
"MacKenzie in the future" by Slivia, California
"cupcakes rule" by terra saminiego, Florida
"4th Book:ice princess" by naya, Florida
"Not So Popular Party Girl" by Katie Cleer, Michigan
"Dork diaries goes me" by Brooklynn, Florida
"How I picture Nikki" by Elsa, New Hampshire
"Nikki is WAY Better!" by Keely , District Of Columbia
"Nikki!" by Maily, Hanoi
"makenzie" by kayla, Oklahoma
"Nikki Maxwell getting money :)" by Hailey , Florida
"Simple Art Of Nikki <3" by Victoria Lee, South Korea
"Nikki " by Amia Marchel, New York
"Nikki says AAAAAA!!!" by Flora, Greece
"Nikki Rocker in Color" by Victoria O., Texas
"Follow pinkishlittlelady! :)" by Michelle , Philippines
"Dorkalicious Party Girl" by Audi, Jakarta
"Nikki X Patrick X Brandon" by Natalie, A.C.T
"Nikki Rocker" by Victoria, Texas
"Nikki!!!" by Yana, Washington
"niki" by jessica, Massachusetts
"Nikki & Brandon <3 <3 <3" by Caitly Waitly, Florida
"Jessica(Mackenzies BFF)" by Rachel, UK
"MacKenzies Evil Eye" by MacKenzie, Taiwan
"friends foreva" by nikkibestfan maddy, Illinois
"Nikki the CCP!" by Charlotte, Ontario
"What To Write Today" by Ella, Philippines
"Nikki Maxwell" by Grace, Minnesota
"DORK diaries" by Grace, California
"Nikki weird face" by damia, Nevada
"Nikki weird face" by damia, Nevada
"Twins... Almost!" by Charlotte, Ontario
"a girl" by mornique, Illinois
"Nikki Maxwell" by Rachel, UK
"nikki my way!" by Alessandra, California
"THE PRETTY BULLY GIRL" by Gurjeet, California
"dork diaries" by madison, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by carly robinson, middle arm, newfoundland, canada
"Cupcake!!!" by Kate, California
"dork diaries" by mackenzie, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Zoe, Ontario, Canada
"Nikki Art-Like Abilities!!!!" by Lulu, Michigan
"working dork" by Bea Jem, Florida
"fashion" by Rita Gem, Florida
"BFFs" by Charlotte, Ontario
"brandon" by emma, Ottawa
"Nikki Cake!!!!!" by Zoé, Quebec
"Briana & Nikki at QueasyChessy" by Alexa, Nevada
"Nikki gone goo goo over crush" by Jameela, Dubai,UAE
"nick is such a me!" by Brianna Dixon, Hawaii
"LOVE U NIKKI" by Brianna Dixon, Hawaii
"Drama Queen Mean" by emely, New Jersey
"Nikki Manga" by Kelli, Colorado
"Nikki is in love" by Marguerite , Canada
"nikki<3s brandon and mackenzie" by madysen, Illinois
"nikki luv" by Makena, Michigan
"Nikki Maxwell" by Celaen, Arkansas
"Nikki singing in talent show" by Megan, Toronto
"D.D.D.D.R Crew!" by naya, Florida
"Nikki Maxwell " by Hailey, Florida
"brandon staring at nikki" by a girl, Illinois
"Nikki in Love" by Taysia, Utah
"christmas nikki" by danika anoutchina, japan
"Nikki gets an iPhone" by Anic, Minnesota
"Dork Whispers" by Maddie, New York
"Snoop nikki " by Brebre, Georgia
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Joanne, South Carolina
"Nikkis Dorkalicious Friends!!" by Lulu, Michigan
"NIKKI ROCKING IT!!! <3" by Nada Aly <3, New Jersey
"IJIJOPJO" by 0-I, Connecticut
"Friends at Your Back" by Jewel, Philipines and California
"Dorklicious Chloe" by Jewel, Philipines and California
"niki j.maxwell" by ashley, Florida
"Dork Diaries 3" by Olivia Acevedo, California
"runaway food" by Delia, Massachusetts
"Nikki dressed as a angel!" by dorkgirl, United Kingdom
"Nikkis Sleepover with BFFS" by Gabriella, New Jersey
"nikki and her dairy" by ellie, united kingdom
"The Dork Diaries Kids" by Gabriella, New Jersey
"NIKKIs different dorky images" by Mary Ana , Hawaii
"Nikki Maxwell" by Samantha M. Casey, Florida
"my dork diaries creation" by Arianne, Western Australia
"nikki maxwell " by julia, Florida
"Yess" by Greenowl, Kansas
"new cover" by miryam, adelaide
"Practicaly Twins" by Natalie, Washington
"nikki" by jasmine, California
"Nikki!" by Brigette, Australia
"Nikki" by Sorita, Illinois
"Mackenzie" by Sorita, Illinois
"art work" by Danzi, Idaho
"Nikkis own dorky monster high" by Danzi, Idaho
"Nikkis own dorky monster high" by Danzi, Idaho
"dorky moments" by shanae, Ohio
"Nikki Maxwell XD" by Autumn, Pennsylvania
"CCP NIKI" by Emmanuella, Maryland
"nikki maxwell" by mabie, phillipines
"Nikki Dreaming about Brandon" by Lacey, Minnesota
"dork" by huiee, New York
"love at first sight..." by Alma, Texas
"I LOVE Dork Diaries =)" by Nikki, Utah
"Zoey has a crush!!!!" by Melody, South Carolina
"I LOVE Dork Diaries =)" by Nikki, Utah
"Nikki Maxwell Heads" by Makenzie, Maine
"nikki maxwell" by mabie, phillipines
"Nikki Maxwells SECRET diary!!" by Sydnie AWESOMENESS!, Missouri
"Nikki J. Maxwell" by Sydnie, Missouri
"Love At First Sight" by Kaja Vasiljevic, Australia
"Dork Diaries" by Trinity, New York
"Nikki as a cutie" by Lillian, New York
"Not a party girl!" by Jessica, North Carolina
"Nikki Sketch" by Deliza, California
"NIKKI LOLWUT XD" by Taylor, Mississippi
"Im sure I could do better" by Aaron, Michigan
"Just a Doodle" by Caroline, California
"nikki" by mary, Greece
"Nikki Maxwell" by Megan, U.K
"Nikki lost note book punish!" by Ashley, District Of Columbia
"Divalicious Galz" by Lulu, South Africa
"Nikki and friends" by Rayya, indonesia,jakarta
"Nikkis Day Dream About Fame" by Chloe Violet, Indiana
"Nikki J Maxwell" by Amber, New York
"Nikki plastic bag over head:)" by Jean, New South Wales
"Nikki plastic bag over head:)" by Jean, New South Wales
"Princess Nikki Prince Brandon" by Asia, Michigan
"Nikki meets me" by Hannah, Georgia
"Nikki+Brandon=Mad Mackenzie" by Koralyn, Illinois
"Talkes From A Not So Bad Prom" by Skyla, Florida
"nikkis inner beutey" by chichi, California
"At the Movies" by Ethel, Markham
"Rock On" by bethany, UK
"Im a Drk! So What!" by Ashley, Pennsylvania
"Nikki Maxwell" by Nicole, Victoria
"Tales From A Not So Bad Prom" by Skyla, Florida
"Nikki" by Juliana, Brasil
"Love At First Sight" by Madison, Massachusetts
"Nikki Singing " by Madison, Massachusetts
"MacKenzies Evil Eye" by Madison, Massachusetts
"Macs Maniacs" by Madison, Massachusetts
"Makenzie Hollister" by Grace, United Kingdom
"Dork Diaries" by Taylor Owens, Alabama
"Live at Queasy Cheesy " by kaya, Ontario
"Nikki IN LOVE!!!!" by Makenzie, Maine
"a not-so-talented pop star" by krystal, Florida
"Chloe" by Kystal, Florida
"Mackenzie" by Krystal, Florida
"DORK diaries" by janelle, Washington
"Nikki freaking out! OMG!" by Jonah Isabel , Philippines
"Dork & CCP Babies - HOW CUTE!" by Lily, New York
"nikki in paint" by nikki, Maryland
"my own" by Annie, oman, muscat
"Nikki and Mackenzie" by Martina, Winnipeg
"Mackenzie Terrible !!! " by Maria Luísa, Brasil - Sao Paulo
"Nick e suas aventuras (:" by Maria Luísa , Brasil - Sao Paulo
"love at first site" by emily, Tennessee
"Nikkis Inner Beauty" by Wendy Martinez, California
"Nikki and Mackenzie!!" by Martina, Winnipeg
"Merry Dorktmas" by Yarlen, New York
"Feast of the Mackenzie" by Juju, Brasil
"In The Library" by Grace Olivia, Ohio
"nikkis new face by maxene " by maxene, Texas
"dork diariesby maxene mina!!" by maxene, Texas
"all of the carecters" by Sky, Ont
"Nikki Maxwell, Future CCP girl" by Sydnie, Missouri
"I dont take dork lessons! :(" by Sueyin age 10, Illinois
"OMG!" by Elizabeth, Washington
"Nikki!!!" by Weronika, London
"DORKS FTW!" by Sofia Carro, Philippines
"Cooking A Fancy Dinner" by Momal, Maryland
"A Picture Perfect Moment " by Yanelis, Massachusetts
"Cloe & Zoe hallowen" by DorkDiaresFashion, New York
"A Picture Perfect Moment In me" by Yanelis, Massachusetts
"MacKenzie Hollister" by Bonnie, Mexico
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Samantha le, California
"Bradon & Nikki = love4ever!!" by Evelyn r0di, Illinois
"lovein it" by elizabeth Chloe Hale, Kentucky
"sloppy- mac the elf EVIL GRIN!" by Haven, Arizona
"Nikki is Awesome" by Celeste, Iowa
"Nikkis Inner Beauty =D" by Neona, England
"Nicki Maxwell ROCKS!!!!" by Amanda, Florida
"NOOOO!!" by Julz, Marikina
"Nikki in a Band!!!!!!" by Ibris, Illinois
"Nikki hugging Brandon" by Jenny, California
"NOT-SO Popular Party Girl!!!!!" by Cindy, New Jersey
"Chole the Great" by Jaqueline, Illinois
"nikki and brandon" by maisarah, malaysia
"nikki by cindy cruz" by Cindy Cruz , Virginia
"A Group Hug" by Ashweta, Malaysia
"mackenzie :(" by Lulu, California
"Nikki in a Band!!!!!!" by Ibris , Illinois
"Nikki in my way" by hibaq, Delaware
"nikki`s diaries are on ebooks" by Luis, Florida
"Nikki and Brandon" by Star, California
"try to draw nicky" by anie malky, Florida
"Me! <3 :)" by Whitney, Wisconsin
"briannas battle" by Erika, Tennessee
"someones thinkin bout someone" by Taylor, California
"a dreamor reality IF ONLY!!" by Rikki, Tennessee
"Nikki" by Doha , Florida
"Nikki!!" by Doha Hafez, Canada!, Florida
"♥Nikkis Proud Moment!♥" by ♥Anna♥, Massachusetts
"Me as a Dork! :)" by Sarah, New York
"love me " by helen, California
"Beautiful Dork<3" by Breezi, Oklahoma
"nikki" by Cindy Cruz , Virginia
"Zoey and Chloe" by Amelia, Connecticut
"SUCH A DORK" by Kendra, Illinois
"Nikki wins!" by Delila, Florida
"nikki holds " by amanda, California
"hi im nikki i drew this lolz !" by Aayah Al-Mutawa, Dubai
"Nikki over here" by Aayah Al-Mutawa, Dubai
"My Own Dork" by Anaya, New York
"Nikki...(i can do better...)" by T Person, fan of DD, New Jersey
"Book 2 Cover" by Olivia B., California
"Nikki Maxwell!" by Mackenzie, saskatchewan
"Juliet" by Candy, Philippines
"nikki in love<3" by antoinette, united kingdom
"nikki writing in her dairy " by Antoinette, united kingdom
"Mackenzie the CCP" by Mia, South Korea
"Hey Im a dork and accept that" by Venus , Hong Kong, China
"Nikki Maxwell" by Veronika, London,UK
"Nikki Maxwell winter!" by Charlie, Ontario
"Nikki Maxwell" by Anna, Romania
"Nikki Maxwell" by Veronika, London,UK
"Nikki Maxwell" by Veronika, London,UK
"Nikki <3" by Maria , Texas
"Nikki, Manga Style" by Rachel, Alabama
"Fashion for Nikki" by Corryn, Massachusetts
"love <3" by electriss, Malaysia
"dork princess" by Konata Izumi, Malaysia
"Nikki V.S Mackenzie!!!!" by Jennifer, California
"Dorks Rule" by Genevieve, Florida
"nikki maxwell" by EMILY, California
"is it good" by faith mathis, South Carolina
"mackenzies party" by Sofia, New York
"DORK DIARIES" by Krystal, Florida
"LOVE is = Nikki x Brandon >:>~" by Marceline, Illinois
"The Dance" by Sophia, New York
"my drawing :)" by jianna, canada
"mackenzie hollister" by emily, California
"nikki maxwell" by emily, California
"nikki maxwell" by emily, California
"Nikki in her Juliet costume" by Jennifer, Michigan
"dork popstar" by Megan, Great Britain
"Nikkis victory" by Hannah Levy, California
"NIKKI-before after" by Michelle, Pennsylvania
"nikki & chloe" by destiny, Missouri
"Mackenzies icey blue eyes o.o" by Hayley, Texas
"Dorkalicious by Emma" by Emma, California
"nicky" by lizzy, Texas
"3 Nikki Maxwell" by Haylea, Kentucky
"Dork Diaries Title Page" by Jessica, Illinois
"brandon and nikki=love4ever!<3" by sammy, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Logan , Georgia
"Nikki J. Maxwell,the dork" by Pacie, Illinois
"Nikki at middle school" by Rachel, Florida
"Nikki, doodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by Sophie-mae, Knighton,Powys
"Nikkis Gourmet cupcakes" by Ashley, Malaysia
"BFFs" by Miranda, California
"Niki as a cartoon dork" by Ellie, wellington new zealand
"Nikki writing in her journal" by Kate, Florida
"Nikki Maxwell" by Taylor, South Carolina
"nikki and brianna " by madysen, Montana
"dork diaries 3" by Adilene, California
"NIKKI LOVES HER FAUX PHONE" by Adilene, California
"Nikki The Pop-Star" by Masson, Georgia
"mmm..... dorkalicious" by catherine, New Mexico
"Nikki Gazing At Brandon" by Brooklyn, Ontario
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Brooklyn, Ontario
"Nikkis Life" by Carlene, Texas
"Nikki!" by victoria, North Carolina
"Nikki The Party Girl" by Abby, California
"Nikki is a popstar!!!" by Megan, Great Britain
"Niki writing in her journal" by Katelyn, California
"MacKenzie Mii" by Rj, New York
"Nikki Mii" by Rj, New York
"MY ART" by MELODY, Louisiana
"nikki crying" by izabella, Mississippi
"Me and Nikki" by Autunm Gray , Tennessee
"Nikki Rocks" by Michaela Lynn, California
"Amazing Dork Diaries Artwork" by Richard, New York
"Me and Nikki" by Autunm Gray, Tennessee
"nikki maxwell" by stephanie, Nevada
"Nikki the popstar" by Megan, England
"DORKY CHIC" by Abby , California
"My DorkDiaries 2 Drawing=D<3" by Gillian Smith, Arizona
"Dorkalicious" by Sueyin, Illinois
"boom box" by jason frazier, California
"Nikis own DORK fairy" by Sarah, Washington
"party girl" by aaliyah, Texas
"Nikki Maxwell" by kaitlyn wieder, Pennsylvania
"THATS NOT MY DIARY" by Eve, Massachusetts
"Pop Star" by Megan, England
"Locker Neighbors " by Alison , New Jersey
"Nikki <3 Brandon" by Alison, New Jersey
"dork diaries front cover title" by molly, Florida
"Drawing & coloring of NIKKI :D" by Alexis, Tennessee
"Dork diaries" by Kara Mixon, Alabama
"Nikki" by Ashley:), Tennessee
"Not so good dancer" by Ashley, Tennessee
"Nikki RULES!!" by Charlene , ontario
"Computer Nikki and Lazar" by Domian, Pennsylvania
"Nikki and Brandom" by Monique,
"Nikki Maxwell " by Charlina, Ontario
"I LOVE DORKS!" by Kamila, California
"look its Brandon" by Anyiah, Illinois
"Nikki freaking out!" by Julia, Pennsylvania
"Dorks are the new CCPS! :)" by Gloria, Ohio
"nikki maxwell" by stephanie, Nevada
"Brandon" by Jasmine, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Jasmine, California
"I love me" by helen gallagher, Portsmouth,
"Nikki and I BFF!!!!!!!!" by Mandee, New Jersey
"I LOVE MY DIARY!!!" by Amanda, New Jersey
" Nikki is Awesome !" by Celeste, Indiana
"DoRk Diaries" by jina, Wisconsin
"I love me" by helen, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
"I think the phone is better" by Clare, Rhode Island
"My drawing of Niki Maxwell :)" by Crystal, Illinois
"Dork" by Synnove, Florida
" Chloe, Zoey Mackenzie " by Julia, New York
" NOT-SO Popular Party Girl" by Ashley Khan, New York
"nikki withe my own twist" by jaz, Oregon
"Luv my phone" by mya, Arizona
"Nikki Maxwell" by Jaidyn, Arizona
"nikki&BFF" by trevi, New York
"Nikki Maxwell " by Dorina, Kansas
"Nikki and Brandon in the rain" by destiny , Missouri
"BFFs rox" by Sarah, Singapore
"Nikki and her Diary" by Sarah, Singapore
"dork diaries nikki and bff" by trevi, New York
"Nikki Maxwell" by Regina, Singpore
"Nikkis t-shirts for her band" by Di, Connecticut
"Nikki" by kate757, Arkansas
"Nikki" by kate757, Arkansas
"My Dorky Cover" by Emily, Massachusetts
"My Dorky Cover" by Emily, Massachusetts
"nikki!" by kate757, Arkansas
"Nikki At The Apple Store" by Maya, Massachusetts
"Dork Diaries Nikki Pop Star" by Patricia Muchik, Marikina City Philippines
"Dork Diaries 3 12." by Janice, N.B.D
"i <3 my phone" by Alyssa, Arizona
"Nikki Maxwell Is Very Happy!(:" by Maddy, Virginia
"Party Girl" by Alex, New York
"Reading Is Magical" by Sarah, New York
"Nikkis book 2 moments" by Mihane, New York
"i <3 my crush" by alexandra padua, philippines
"My Dorky Diary" by Nina, California
"awesome nikki" by kara, Indiana
"my sceches of nikki!!" by shalee thompson, Georgia
"ART" by Bridget, toronto ontario
"Nikki and her BFFS" by Lauren, Maryland
"Nikki+Brandon <3" by Nikkis BIGGEST FAN!, Florida
"The Mega Manga Dork Diaries!!!" by maya, Virginia
"dork diaries cast" by betzabe, Georgia
"dorks best day" by Autumn Gray, Tennessee
"New Dork diaries book!" by Harmony , Connecticut
"Nikki,Chloe,Zoey,Mackenzie" by Nicole, Valenzuela,Philipines
"boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by Toh Koon Yee, singapore
"Whispering to another Nikki" by Ally, California
"NIKKI PICTURE" by gabriela, New Jersey
"Nikki" by Gabriela, New Jersey
"Dork diaries 2" by Harmony , Connecticut
"First Dork Diaries front cover" by Poppy, Kent
"Love Is In The Air <3" by Toh Koon Yee, singapore
"NikkixBrandon" by Sarah, Singapore
"Mac Kenzie" by Camila, Alberta
"NIKKI J.Maxwell" by Elizabeth, California
"Nikki J.Maxwell" by Elizabeth, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Anna, Tennessee
"fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by sara beth, Georgia
"nikkis diary!" by Sierra, Illinois
"Nikki Maxwell :)" by Nada, New Jersey
"Nikki the biggest dork !!!" by Mercedes Jimenez Cas, Texas
"Nikki! =)" by Molly, Pennsylvania
"NIKKI" by elissa, Maryland
"NIKKI" by elissa, Louisiana
"dork rock !!!!" by ornella , Pennsylvania
"Nikki Maxwell " by Lily, North Carolina
"dorkdiaries" by paula, colombia
"my own dork diarie" by viki, Alaska
"Nikki Maxwell" by Naviya, Washington
"Nikki from Dork Diaries" by AmandaQueenOfDorks , Texas
"Nikki Maxwell as Juliet " by Amanda, Texas
"Nikki Maxwell as Juliet " by Amanda, Texas
"OMG, NIKKI, FRUIT DISASTER!!!!" by Fiona, Hawaii
"Nikkis in love ♥" by Bianca, New-Brunswick
"N i K k i" by Jasmine, California
"Front Cover Art" by Kelly Ann, Pennsylvania
"nikki and her dork diary" by mary joyce , Massachusetts
"Nikki Dork Diaries " by AmandaQueenOfDorks, Texas
"Nikki Freaking Out!!" by Joanna, New South Wales
"The Dork Diary Contest" by Porsche, Texas
"Mackenzie @ dance" by Natalie, Missouri
"Its your night" by Katelyn, New York
"Popstar" by Ciara , Ireland
"Popstar" by Ciara , Ireland
"A new dork" by Yves Disoma, Philippines
"Me and Nikki" by Amanda, California
"dork diaries" by kate, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Maykayla, Louisiana
"Nikki :)" by Tanya, Illinois
"Nikki :)" by Tanya, Illinois
"I love my phone" by alexandra, Illinois
"dork diaries" by Raquel, California
"Nicki Maxwell doodles (book 2)" by Mihane, New York
"Mackenzie, look who has style" by Selena, New York
"Nikki Maxwell" by Di, Connecticut
"Why Does It Have to Be a Dream" by Star & Mia, California
"Nikki Singing!!" by Zella,
"Nikki Maxwell" by Nikki, Minnesota
"Dork Diaries " by MILAN AGE 10 , New York
"Nikki Star" by Maci, Georgia
"party party nikki" by Jasllyn Nicole Judar, PhillipinesAustralia
"excited nikki" by Jasllyn Nicole Judar, PhillipinesAustralia
"excited nikki" by Jasllyn Nicole Gelli, Australia
"Good times!" by Harmony, Georgia
"the heartbreak" by nila duranza, Florida
"love at first sight" by alissa, Connecticut
"Dork Diaries RULEZ" by Riley, Ontario
"dork diaries" by Kara, Alabama
"Nikki" by Kya, Pennsylvania
"Romeo and Nikki" by Grace, Colorado
"Normal and beautiful Nikki" by Gemma, California
"Brandon and Nikki" by Journee, New York
"Nikki Maxwell! I LOVE DD!!☺!!" by Danna, Philippines
"nikki" by Erin, California
"Picture of " by Erin, California
"First Sight In Love!!!" by Diana, Illinois
"Super Dorkalicious<3" by Alyssa, Florida
"Nikki!" by Zoé, Quebec
"Pop Star." by Joanna paola peralta, London
"Nikki Maxwell" by Chloe, North Carolina
"nikkis love potion!!!!!!!!!!!" by mary joy , Canada
"nikki MAXWELL " by Adylah Mohd Shakri, Illinois
"Nikki Maxwell with Brandon! " by Issabella , Singapore
"I am such a dork." by claudia felix, California
"nikki" by tiffany, Florida
"Dork Diaries sketches2" by Camille, Illinois
"Dork Diaries sketches1" by Camille , Illinois
"Not So Popular Party Girl " by Miranda, Michigan
"Friends 4Ever" by Maya, 7 years old, West Virginia
"i heart dork daries:)" by alicia, Florida
"N00000000000000000000000000000" by sasha , Georgia
"Nikki J. Maxwell" by Taylor, Pennsylvania
"Makenzie as Juliette" by Rose, Hawaii
"Miss Penelope" by Brianna, Oklahoma
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" by Nikki Maxwelll, Alabama
"Brandon and Nikki" by Allison, Kentucky
"Do not disturb Nikki Maxwell" by Allison, Kentucky
"Nikki Maxwell" by Allison, Kentucky
"nikki" by Maya, Virginia
"Dork Diaries Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!" by Amira, California
"nikki maxwell in paint" by Beatrice M. DelaCruz, Tennessee
"Nikki J. Maxwell, the cutie!" by Faren Jock Tackle, Malaysia
"Character of a dork!!!" by Madison, Missouri
"chillin @ the beach" by marina, Virginia
"oh no!!" by marina, Virginia
" dork diaries book cover 1" by mm kona, Virginia
"Dork Diaries Cover Page" by Faith, Georgia
"NIKKI HALLOWEEN DANCE" by sonali, trinidad
"Nikki + BFF in Anime Form" by Angie, Thailand
"Nikki, MacKenzie, and Jessica" by Fiona, Massachusetts
"InLove <3" by Jules Asis, Manila, Philippines
"My own TATTOO design" by cielo, Philippines
"awsome" by oliva, Colorado
"Me as a cartoon dork!" by Harmony, Georgia
"Mackenzie Hollister" by Crystina Rivera, New York
"Dork diaries" by Becca, Australia
"My Drawing OF Nikki" by emily, Washington
"Proud to be a Dork" by 미쉘, South Korea
"My Dork Diaries Book Cover" by Destiny, Ohio
"nikki MAXWELL " by Adylah Mohd Shakri, Kuantan
"The Dork Nikki" by Adylah Mohd Shakri, Kuantan
"arghhh" by mandolin, Texas
"nikki love" by Nádia, Portugal
"Anime Version!" by Richelle, Philippines
"nikkis halloween costume " by maddy, Massachusetts
"NO DORKS ALLOWED" by Alexia, New York
"Nikki & friends.jpg" by Ayumi, Singapore
"Pretty Nikki" by Sonali S., California
"Nikki at Valentines Day" by Laura, Texas
"Bratty Brianna & Nikki" by SoNi,
"Chillin in my room" by samantha, Texas
"Artsie dork" by Samantha, Michigan
"I Love Dork Diaries!!!!" by Isabella, Florida
"Nikkis not so good life" by Izzy, Florida
"BFFs 4evah!!" by Marianne Krista, New Jersey
"Nikki Maxwell" by Simar, New South Wales
"MacKenzie and Nikki" by Domian, Pennsylvania
"The group" by Krystal, Florida
"Nikkis New Cute Sister Debbie!" by Amazing Jana, Michigan
"Dorks Diary Phone by Ashanna" by ashanna Villaruz, Philippines
"Dorks will Shine" by Mia, California
"Dork Diaries fan art by me" by Carmen, Minnesota
"Nikki and Brandon" by Mia, California
"Nikki Maxwell" by Quinn, Scotland (Thats not a State)
"I love dork diaries!" by Suvi, Colorado
"Mackenzie" by Alexandria, Oregon
"Nikkis band (pencil drawing)" by Gina, New York
"Dork Diaries" by Katie, Illinois
"Me at middle school!!!" by Suvi , Colorado
"I love Dork Diaries" by Maria F., Michigan
"Chloe! :) I luv Dork Diaries!" by Tristan, Kentucky
"Niki & Brandon" by Satiara, Indiana
"Snoopy happy dance" by Harmony, Georgia
"Group Hug" by Ethel, Ontario
"Nikki Brandon Daydreaming " by Mia, California
"The Snoopy Dance" by Fiona Connelly, Illinois
"Snoopy happy dance!" by Harmony, Georgia
"Brianna As a Dork" by Destiny, Pennsylvania
"Angry Nikki" by Geraldine Tan, Singapore
"the snoopy dance" by Fiona, Illinois
"I LOVE Dork Diaries!" by Katie, Illinois
"Puck Fairy" by Anna, Massachusetts
"art work " by leticia , California

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